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Figure out your Future

with the GirlBoss Advantage Programme

Letter from our Founder

Launching the GirlBoss Advantage Programme is the realisation of a dream for me. 

The GirlBoss Advantage programme is an award-winning, groundbreaking approach which connects industry and individual via interactive workshops, mentoring and rapid fire internships.

The GirlBoss Advantage Programme works with corporate organisations who will help to mentor, grow and support high school aged young women to achieve their dreams, whilst simultaneously addressing the skills and diversity gap which many growth industries are experiencing.

Our programmes connect the triumvirate of schools, government and corporate organisations and is an example of best practise globally.

Join our movement to ensure the full realisation of young women’s potential.

Thank you for your continual belief in our mission! 

- Alexia Hilbertidou

Founder, GirlBoss New Zealand

"If you want opportunities that not many people get, you need to make choices that not many people make."

Alexia Hilbertidou, GirlBoss NZ Founder

What's our Why?

Equity. Power. Purpose.

Of 2000 total entrants, over 5 years, Canterbury University's School of Engineering accepted just a single decile one student. 

See if you can find the blue dot representing 1 out of 2000 
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Only 2% of our NZX50 CEO's are women

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"When I was answering the questions for the GirlBoss Scholarship, I could feel a fire enlighten within me and a spark that something great was going to happen.

The best part is, that gut feeling was absolutely correct. Thanks to GirlBoss for giving me the opportunity to meet such amazing mentors and extremely talented people at Datacom and in the technology industry.

The GirlBoss Scholarship not only opened so many doors for me professionally (I am now working full-time at Datacom! ) but it also given me new-found confidence. The whole experience helped me to build my network and create my personal brand. It’s been more than a year now, people in the office still address me as GirlBoss, and that makes me extremely proud and happy!"

- Farhein

GirlBoss Scholarship Recipient 

Support Analyst, Datacom NZ


"Before the program, I didn't think I deserved to be there and now I realise I did deserve to be there.

I have become 100 times more self-assured and confident in my own abilities."

- Ariana

GirlBoss Scholarship Recipient 

Intern, Fletcher Building

Case Study: Fletcher Building

Finalist, 2020 Diversity Awards


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